Our Vision

Through effective management and recovery of movement, a person’s life is improved and society as a whole benefits.

Our Mission

To help persons prevent and overcome physical mobility deficits, and in doing so, to assist each individual to reach his or her maximal potential for living a full life.

Our Philosophy

As the old adage states “When you have your health, you have everything” – this is appreciated most fully by those currently struggling with health issues. Our approach is to place an individual’s health needs in the forefront, after which all other concerns may be more successfully addressed.

When well done, physiotherapy helps people to manage and overcome physical setbacks imposed by injury or other conditions, and allows individuals to find the right path to individual recovery while providing the right balance of education & guidance, hands-on assistance, and support.

This requires a careful assessment for each individual in order to come up with a unique treatment approach that harnesses the strengths of the client, adequately addresses the deficits, and looks to problem-solve and overcome any obstacles impeding a satisfying recovery or management program.

Treatment is based on high-quality one-on-one care to provide:

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